He calls me his candy girl

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May 15, - 2 candy as in sex your my candy girl (as a complement) last one sound like he means in the pretext of your (shallow and want mr perfect) no What does it mean when a Guy calls you his 'Candy.

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Mar 8, - with you or he just considers you to be his arm candy, check these signs and his so-called friends and be proud for catching a girl like you. Aug 14, - I think i am a decent looking girl and i know a lot of guys who think I am an eye candy. When I see another eye candy, and if I observe people are giving me more but on fringes, I still like to flirt and channel my inner Marilyn Monroe . the day we call "mirror time" where we're eye candy for ourselves so Do you find the term 'eye candy' offensive or benign?

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(Especially since I am busting my ass as an Econ grad student at the moment. As a guy, the only thing " eye candy " has ever meant is that the girl is . When guys say dumb shit to me I come back with "I'm so much more. Dec 27, - BIG FLIRT: You hear about him asking another girl out to do the same thing the JUST FRIENDLY: He calls you to get the scoop on today's.

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May 17, - Not being beautiful forced me to develop my inner resources. He means well — they all do — and I choose carefully. But there's always a side of them that is proud when someone tells them their new girlfriend is gorgeous. woman on his arm and thought to myself "Wow, that's some nice arm candy!" Called "arm candy" because one locks arms with their "candy" (valuable.

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A guy/girl who is nice to look at, but not to date. I made it camera-lucida.infolly. the guy shoots his nice warm load in the girls camera-lucida.infoore it being "eye candy". candy is a lovely person with a great personality and good looking. every guy wants candy. always smiling and making jokes and cheerig everyone up. every girl.

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Well, I guess nobody calls her that these days.” Austin tittered again, lifting his voice several octaves above his normal range. He leaned in to whisper, “She knew about me long before anyone else, if you know “Isn't that right, Candy girl? in Pittsfield for six months and now has his own establishment which he calls Francois' and which, so Lina Simolina informs me, his wife financed with She gave little Frank one of those candy orange slices she was nibbling on, though I've.